Soccer Season Sales Begin, With ‘Football Manager Mobile 2016’ Now $2.99, and ‘Pixel Cup Soccer 16’ Completely Free

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It certainly is a fantastic time to be a fan of soccer (football) if you’re an iOS gamer, as let alone the start of another season with its inevitable highs and lows (or just lows, if you support the wrong team), there are an abundance of new titles released to capitalise on the excitement of The Beautiful Game. Just this week we’ve seen EA announce a brand new FIFA game for the App Store that has polarised members on our forum thread, and a more traditional title in the form of Sociable Soccer – and this will likely only be the beginning, as new releases roll out in the coming months. Furthermore, for fans wanting their football fix right now, there are some fantastic new sales on some classics we have loved in the past, as Football Manager Mobile 2016 ($8.99) has dropped to its lowest price of $2.99, and Pixel Cup Soccer 16 ($0.99) is now completely free to try out.

Football Manager Mobile 2016

To start with Football Manager Mobile 2016 – we reviewed this title back in December of last year, and despite being somewhat iterative of the previous title, it was an extremely enjoyable football simulator for anyone that may be intimidated by the sheer amount of options in the full PC version, or someone who may want a more portable experience. With a huge database of players, a host of customisable options from transfers to training, and the traditional slick top-down match day perspective (which is so much better than the 3D one on PC, in my opinion), this is as good as Football Manager gets right now. At least, until the upcoming Football Manager Mobile 2017 that will launch later this year. Waiting for the new game – or looking to invest in the far more complex Football Manager Touch 2016 ($19.99) – may be a better alternative for purists or those who want an up to date Football Manager title, but this sale is still a great time to jump on the bandwagon.

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 2

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 also appears to be following this pattern, as it seems that a 2017 edition may be coming on the horizon. However, developers Batovi Games have decided to give Pixel Cup Soccer 16 away for free as a result, and in our review, we were extremely impressed by how fun and responsive this arcade football title was. While it may be a little outdated now – it is primarily focused around the knockout competitions that took place this summer – there are a lot of options and modes to try out, which make Pixel Cup Soccer 16 an expansive experience, especially for free. While I’m hoping that the next game in the series fixes some of the AI flaws that made the game a little repetitive, I can’t recommend Pixel Cup Soccer 16 enough for any football fans, and now is certainly the best time to try it out. Be sure to let us know your impressions on our Football Manager Mobile 2016 topic, and Pixel Cup Soccer 16 thread respectively on our forums.

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