New iPhone Games: ‘Deus Ex Go’, ‘Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n.ipa’, ‘Tetris Battle Drop’ and More

Along with today’s bonanza of iOS game releases, it’s also National Medical Dosimetrist’s Day. What’s a medical dosimetrist? Well, it’s a sub-speciality so complicated it takes an entire paragraph to explain. So, shout out to all the dosimetrist out there, may you have great luck in achieving some level of brevity when someone asks you at a party, “So what do you do?" Anyway, this week’s list of releases is a tad more scant than we’re used to, and I’m thinking there’s two (possibly three?) reasons for that. First off, Gamescom is this week which is basically the European equivalent of E3, most traditional games media is swamped with that so this seems like a solid week to avoid releasing anything on. Additionally, unless plans have changed (again), there’s a massive game release that people are going to be super blown away by along with the precedent its release could set for the release of …other similar games. Or, ya’know, the App Store is just being weird.

Anyway, here’s the latest games to pop up on our forums:

Stay tuned for our full roundup of games this evening, and… other fun announcements when embargoes are up today.