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‘Shadow Bug Rush’ is an Endless Take on Swipe-Based Action Game ‘Shadow Bug’

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The original Shadow Bug ($3.99) is a pretty cool action-platformer with a great control scheme. The developers are set to rework the core of the game into an endless action game called Shadow Bug Rush, set to release in October. The idea is that there will be endless levels to play through, with your score being based on how many enemies you kill in one run. Check out early gameplay footage:

The game will use something similar to the Crossy Road (Free) business model where the currency you earn in the game can be used toward getting new characters. But, the levels themselves can be upgraded, too – an interesting wrinkle I’m curious to see in practice. Either way, Shadow Bug was fun, and an endless Shadow Bug Rush is up my alley. Check out the thread in the upcoming games forum to chat about this one.

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