‘Looty Dungeon’ Gets Cameos from ‘Crossy Road’, ‘Crashlands’ and More in Latest Update

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Taco Illuminati’s Looty Dungeon (Free) can be descridbed in shorthand as a Crossy Road (Free) dungeon crawler, but with the game’s 2.1 Indie Heroes update, that description just became literal. The Crossy Chicken is now a playable character in Looty Dungeon. There are a bunch of other heroes in the update, including Flux and JuiceBox from Crashlands ($6.99), who can build over pits. Check out a trailer with all the heroes:

The rest of the game’s heroes come from in and around the Austin indie game scene, with some rad entrants. The protagonist from Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon (Free) is playable, and drops spiderwebs that can trap enemies. The runner from Canabalt ($2.99) can jump over obstacles. The car from Chrome Death (Free) shoots lasers. Angry Henry of Angry Henry And The Escape From The Helicopter Lords: Part 17: The Re-Reckoning (Free) is here, chainsaws in tow. And I’m sure Jared approves of the feline protagonist of Box Cat ($1.99) showing up and smashing stuff. The update with this varied batch of cameos is available now.

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