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Isometric Platform Hopper ‘Bluk’ Set for Release Next Week

I’ve had my eye on Bluk ever since the trailer first got posted in our forums, as it looks a lot like if you took something like Mr Jump (Free) and combined it with a vibe that’s… ever-so-slightly vaguely reminiscent of Monument Valley ($3.99). Also, the developers have been super active in our community which always seems to help when it comes to releasing a rad game.

They were originally hoping to release Bluk this week, but we just got a heads up that the game’s launch got pushed back to next week on the 18th. Hopefully this means the guys at Pixel Ape got one of those incredibly ambiguous emails from Apple asking for additional artwork for your game and a subtle suggestion that maybe you launch a little later than you intended?

Jumping from platform to platform really never gets old, or at least, it hasn’t yet in the last 30 or so years, so I’m stoked to give Bluk a shot next week. Hopefully it nails the difficulty curve in its procedural level generation that makes simple games like these so hard to put down.