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Warhammer Action Title ‘Eisenhorn: Xenos’ Set to Launch August 10th on the App Store

Despite the occasional thrill of spontaneous releases on the App Store, it’s always great to get a solid release date for any game, especially one that has been on our radar for what seems like ages. After much anticipation, Eisenhorn: Xenos will be launching August 10th on iOS, and for fans of the eponymous book series, the Warhammer universe, or simply anyone looking for another essential high-quality action title for their iPhone, this certainly seems like one to watch. We were very impressed by developer Pixel Hero Games’ fledgling iPhone creation when we looked at it back at GDC, and its focus on God of War style combat whilst not relinquishing the traditional strategic elements of other titles in the Warhammer universe, Eisenhorn: Xenos looks absolutely stunning, and about as close as a console-like experience that you can expect on mobile devices.

While this is all well and good, some fervent followers of TouchArcade may raise a cynical eyebrow at this release, as back in April we discovered that Eisenhorn: Xenos was to be released first on PC in May, and then later at an unspecified date for iOS. It seems that these plans have changed, as the game will now launch simultaneously on both platforms on August 10th. While it’s probably not wise to look into this too much – was the PC version delayed, or is this a first step on the path towards platform parity between consoles and mobile – it does raise the question on whether both iterations will be equal, and if so, will the iOS edition launch at the same price as the PC one? Regardless, make sure to stock up on iTunes credit and prepare to pay a pretty penny for Eisenhorn: Xenos, and for good reason – a game of this quality in your pocket is becoming a rare occurrence in the aftermath of the free-to-play craze. Look out for Eisenhorn: Xenos this Wednesday, and join in the pre-release hype on our forums.