Twitch is Stopping ‘Pokemon GO’ Cheaters in Their Tracks as of Today

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As soon as Pokemon GO (Free) launched, many players started using all kinds of cheats to be able to stream the game while sitting comfortably in front of their deck rather than walking around town. As you can imagine, not everyone was happy with that, especially not developer Niantic. Now, Twitch is cracking the whip and putting an end to all those shenanigans. According to a blog post on Pokemon GO cheating, the streaming of content which violates third-party terms of service is a violation of Twitch’s Terms of service. That includes “cheating in online multiplayer games" as defined by the game developer.

The post then goes on to clarify that the policy also holds true for Pokemon GO content on Twitch. Niantic’s Pokemon GO Trainer guidelines consider as cheating the use of modified or unofficial software, playing with multiple accounts, and using tools or techniques to alter of falsify ones location. Therefore, Twitch’s post continues, the above behavior also violates Twitch’s own Rules of Conduct and Terms of Service.

So, the blog post concludes, as of August 8th anyone sharing content that features or promotes Pokemon GO cheating will receive a strike on their account. In other words, the party is over. I have to say, I’m not surprised that Twitch is going after Pokemon GO cheaters, I’m just surprised it took so long. Read the whole blog post here.

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