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Solitaire Roguelike ‘Solitairica’ Hits iOS in Late August

We heard about Solitairica last year, and while it missed the early 2016 release timing, the roguelike card game from ex-AAA game developers at Righteous Hammer Games eventually released on Steam earlier this year. The good news is that the mobile version is finally set to hit, and you’ll be able to play it on August 25th. The core of the game is basically solitaire. You know how to play it. The cards you play have different elements that power up different spells that you can use in battle to help turn the tide. Each run lets you spend the currency you earn toward better spells and abilities, though you have to start fresh when you die. It’s a pretty cool combination, using a familaiar, classic game as the base for something new.

Solitairica will be available as a premium game on August 25th. If you’ve played the Steam version, do know that this works really well as a one-handed game based on what I’ve played of the mobile version. The mobile version will be getting a fresh update to the game, with a new Celestial Hourglass item that can revive you if you fail, X-Ray glasses that always reveal the second card, new enemy traits, and helpful tooltips. Do keep an eye out for this one by the end of the month.