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I Just Can’t Wait to be King in ‘Reigns’

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Nerial’s Reigns is looking like quite a unique title, that could be best described as Tinder for the enterprising king trying to command his kingdom. The entire game gives you a series of binary decisions to make based on people making requests of you, which you answer by swiping left or right. You’re trying to stay alive for as long as possible, making the decisions that will keep the church in check (lest they burn you at the stake), keep your advisers happy (lest they overthrow you), and find love (even a monarch gets lonely from time to time). When your reign inevitably ends by malfeasance, or hopefully old age, then you can continue on as the next king in your line. It’s a pretty cool concept. Check out the trailer:

As well, check out five minutes of gameplay:

This one is set to release on August 11th, and it will be on mobile as well as PC and Mac, though the whole concept feels like it’s perfect for mobile, and PC is there because why not? Check out the forum thread for more on this one, which might be a good place to chat with the developer about it.

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