Here’s What Battling the Silverware Golem in ‘Hearthstone’s’ Upcoming Karazhan Adventure Looks Like

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Blizzard sent us over some video to share of the new Hearthstone (Free) adventure, One Night in Karazhan. We’ve already posted a bunch of the cards and the full video of Ben Brode going over the different floors of Karazhan, but if you want to go just a little deeper, check out what it’ll be like battling the Silverware Golem of Karazhan, complete with some of the new cards being used:

I’m super stoked for this adventure, as Karazhan was not only prominently featured in the Warcraft movie, but it’s also the raid I look back on most fondly when I was playing World of Warcraft. I really don’t think I ever had more fun than I did running Karazhan while playing WoW, and hopefully at least a tiny bit of that fun successfully translates to Hearthstone.

Stay tuned for more One Night in Karazhan coverage as we get close to its release on August 11th.

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