Spry Fox’s Roguelike Puzzler ‘Road Not Taken’ Finally Arrives on iOS and Apple TV

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With wonderful titles like Triple Town (Free) and Alphabear (Free), Spry Fox is one of the preeminent developers of mobile games. But they make games for desktop and console, too! One of those games is a roguelike puzzler called Road Not Taken ($4.99), and although it took a couple of years, it has finally arrived on iOS. We first talked about Road Not Taken way back in May of 2013, when it was slated for release on desktop and “eventually" planned to release on mobile. Taking inspiration from Robert Frost’s poem of the same name, Road Not Taken is about “surviving life’s surprises" as you adventure around through randomly generated levels rescuing children who have lost their way.

I haven’t checked out the desktop or PlayStation 4 versions of Road Not Taken since their original release back in 2014, but given how much I love Spry Fox’s other titles I’m happy this one is finally available on mobile where I’ll be much more likely to play and enjoy it. The game has received a pretty mixed reception on other platforms, with many saying it’s a well-made game but “not for everyone." I’ll be the judge of that myself, and you can too for just $4.99 with no IAP. If you dive in to Road Not Taken, be sure to drop by the forum thread to leave your thoughts.

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