‘Power Hover’ Goes Free for the Very First Time on the App Store

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Power Hover ($3.99) is one of those games which really epitomises the most positive aspects of the App Store. Ever since its launch, the developers have been extremely active in releasing new updates based on feedback received directly from fans and, as a result, it as become a cult classic amongst iOS gamers. Now, for the very first time, developers Oddrok have made Power Hover completely free to download, and so anyone who missed the boat first time has a great opportunity to try out the exciting and unique hover board action without spending a penny.

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When we looked at Power Hover in our review, we were big fans of the core concept, and our main criticisms have since been fixed with the addition of new game modes, characters, themes, achievements and much more than make it a far more expansive experience than it ever was back in December of last year. Current fans will also be glad to note that Power Hover going free does not appear to be an attempt at altering the game into a freemium experience – instead, while the In App Purchases persist, they are in the same form as before and are optional only. This really is the best time to give Power Hover a ride, especially as the duration of the present sale hasn’t been specified. Despite the free price of entry, the developers are still keenly listening to feedback, so regardless of whether you are a new Power Hover player, or a veteran hover board fanatic, be sure to leave your impressions and ideas on our forums.

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