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‘Phoenix 2’ Already Exiting Soft-Launch, Releasing Globally this Thursday

It wasn’t even a full week ago that we took the recently soft-launched Phoenix 2 (or, more accurately, Phoenix II) for a quick spin and really enjoyed what we saw, but already developer Firi Games feels confident in the game and has sent us a note to let us know that the game will be launching globally this Thursday, July 28th. Phoenix II is a pseudo-sequel to the wonderful Phoenix HD (Free) which has been a staple for mobile shoot ’em up players for years now. Whereas Phoenix HD is an endless game that features randomly generated levels each time you play, Phoenix II generates one random level per day that everyone across the world plays. This means that you can actually play and replay the level trying to improve your score before the 24 hours is up and it’s on to a new level.

screen322x572 IMG_0001

I love the idea of everyone playing the same level and being on a mostly level playing field, but Phoenix II will also offer a Community component that’ll allow players to join a specific community, like say #TouchArcade for example. Each Community gets its own randomly generated level which will stay live for 3 days as that community’s members battle it out against each other. Besides those two modes, Firi says they’re open to adding additional modes via updates, and they plan to add a lot to Phoenix II over the course of its lifetime. They’re also quick to point out that Phoenix II is not meant to replace Phoenix HD, which they have maintained and updated frequently over the past 5 or so years. So get your flight suit on and prepare for Phoenix II launching globally this Thursday, and until then you can talk about the game in our forums.