This Pokeball Aimer Case for ‘Pokemon GO’ is a Brilliant Idea

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So, you’re having trouble catching all those rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO (Free). By which I mean, that 100th Rattata and you’re sick of wasting your Pokeballs with bad tosses. Sure, you can try to get that masterful curveball down, but maybe your curveball is more of a slurve and scouts are saying that kind of breaking ball just ain’t gonna play at the big league level. Well, what if you had some kind of performance-enhancing device that could help you get those straight shot tosses like a champion? Well, Jon Cleaver has introduced the Pokeball Aimer case. Designed for the iPhone 6 (and just the iPhone 6 as of this moment), this case has a center cutout so that you can launch a Pokeball straight into that Rattata’s dumb face.

Pokemon GO Pokeball Case

Is this case cheating? Maybe. It’s certainly in the realm of “ethically questionable" but if it doesn’t necessarily affect other people’s ability to play the game, then it shouldn’t be a huge problem. Plus, it abandons any skill bonus for the curveball, so unless or until someone makes a case for that, then it seems like a fair tradeoff. You’ll need a 3D printer or access to a 3D printing service of some kind to print out this case for yourself.

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