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Back before Pokemon Go (Free) took over the App Store, all anyone seemed to care about was (Free) (and then (Free)). If you’ve never played one of these .io games, imagine an MMO stripped down to its very core. In you play as a roaming blob, sucking up other smaller blobs. In it’s the same basic idea but applied to the classic Snake formula. Now, in (Free), it’s the same basic idea except this time around you’re playing what feels like a super-simple massively multiplayer shooter.

Take a look at how it all works in this gameplay video:

If Pokemon Go wasn’t a thing, I’d say that undoubtedly was going to be the next hot mobile game everyone’s playing as it has all the same appeal as the other huge .io games. Hilariously enough, even though it just came out, it seems there’s already a bazillion clones- Most of which are straight up using the name. So, if you’ve been at all into these kinds of games, definitely give this one a look, just be sure to grab it from the iTunes link in this article to make sure you’re getting the legit one.

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