Snail Games Launches New Action RPG ‘Chaos Legends’ Semi-Globally

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After the successful launch of Taichi Panda (Free) last year, Snail Games has been going hard with the new releases in 2016. Their latest is yet another free to play action RPG called Chaos Legends (Free). Now, I have mixed feelings when it comes to the action RPG genre. I actually love hack ‘n slash games, but holy jeez, they are like a dime a dozen nowadays and most of the time it’s hard to tell one apart from another. With their grindy free to play systems it’s nearly impossible to be actively playing more than one at a time, so while most of these games look and play pretty awesome, realistically I just don’t have time for them, you know? At any rate, Chaos Legends does look really cool based on its release trailer.

What stands out to me about Chaos Legends compared to the plethora of other action RPGs out there are the ability to summon crazy creatures and ride them around and the large-scale feeling of the battles. The game even boasts 500 vs 500 real-time battling, which sounds really interesting but remains to be seen how it actually plays out in game. I guess the good news is that I’m not currently playing a free to play action RPG, so maybe I’ve got time to squeeze a little Chaos Legends into my life. I’ll definitely be trying it out, but time will tell if it’s the type of thing that sticks around. If you are interested in another one of these, then definitely give the free download of Chaos Legends a shot, and drop by the game’s forum thread to leave your thoughts about it.

Oh, and although this is the “global" launch of Chaos Legends, Snail does note that it’s not currently available in Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Vietnam. So, semi-globally, I guess.

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