‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ Episode 7, ‘Access Denied’, Ready for Download July 26th

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Another Telltale story for you today (that company is definitely keeping busy) as Minecraft: Story Mode (Free) Episode 7, Access Denied, will be coming to your devices July 26th. Telltale’s take on the Minecraft universe has been quite successful so far, and now we’re at a point where each episode is a pretty self-enclosed narrative with few ties to previous choices in the series. Episode 6 was a murder-mystery story, but Access Denied is going a very different route when Jesse and the crew land in a world controlled by a ‘thinking machine’ called PAMA. You’ll have to try and avoid being captured and assimilated while at the same time trying to free everyone else from the clutches of PAMA.

As you can see from the trailer above, this episode has a very different feel from the previous one, and that’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned; the developers’ decision to do away with one long story arc in favor of shorter narrative experiences is working very well. Access Denied will include VR jokes as well as Community‘s Yvette Nicole Brown as one of the characters in this new world. The episode drops July 26th, so get ready for more Minecraft: Story Mode.

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