‘Pokemon GO’ Finally Launches in Canada, Causing Latest Bout of Server Issues

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The Pokemon GO (Free) rollout continues, with the game finally releasing in Canada. That’s right, the country that often gets games first has been slow to get this one, with many European countries getting the game before the US did. However, now Canadians have official access to the smash-hit craze that’s managed to conquer the gaming world. The irony that they had to wait or download accounts in other countries is kind of comical, of course.

Unfortunately, Canadians have had the last laugh, as the Canadian launch caused the servers to go down. This led to the irony of the Chicago Pokemon GO meetup not having players able to play with each other due to the servers being down.

So, thanks a lot Canadians overloading the server, you’ve officially caused LARPing to happen. I hope you’re proud!

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