How to Find ‘Pokemon Go’ Events in Your Area

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With the weekend almost upon us, it seems like all my friends are working up grand plans to spend as much time as possible over the next couple days wandering around and collecting Pokemon in Pokemon Go (Free). But, if you don’t have friends into the game, it’s not big deal, as I’ve really never seen a mobile game explode into so many local communities like Pokemon Go has- Particularly considering it’s only been out a week. Unsurprisingly, Reddit seems to be the place to go to find other people locally playing Pokemon Go, and there is an entire directory of regional Pokemon Go subreddits to explode.

For instance, I’m in the Chicago area, and r/PokemonGoChi has served as the gateway for discovering all sorts of crazy local Pokemon Go stuff including which bars/restaurants are keeping lures up (there’s a ton) and events like this one on Sunday which (currently) has 33,000 people either interested or attending. The scale of all this is mind blowing, and while if you don’t live near a huge city there might not be tens of thousands of people staging a meet up, there’s still stuff going on in absolutely every regional subreddit, even if it’s just people listing off great places to go to find specific types of Pokemon.

If there’s not something going on in your area, start it up. There’s millions and millions of people playing Pokemon Go, and these events are spreading like wildfire. I promise you will have people show up if you get the word out.

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