How to Hatch ‘Pokemon Go’ Eggs Without Walking: Use a Record Player or a Ceiling Fan

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Friends of mine who have spent time in the military seem to love saying, “If it’s stupid and it works, it isn’t stupid." Well, that’s certainly the case with this particular Pokemon Go (Free) tip. We’ve seen more than a few people complaining that there isn’t a whole lot to do if you’re not willing to actually go out and walk around. Yes, you can drive from Pokestop to Pokestop, but in the process you’ll be farming up a ton of eggs to hatch. Hatching eggs requires walking (the game knows you’re driving because you’re moving too fast) upwards of 10km with the game running, which is a tall order for people who have become one with their couch. Thankfully, there’s a couple ways to cheat this, but, they’re pretty ridiculous.

If you’ve got a record player, and you’re willing to wait an awful long time, you can just put your phone on it and forget about it. Your character in game will slowly walk in circles, increasing your distance traveled. Bonus points for having an external battery pack and plugging it in so your phone can stay charged during extended spinning. Don’t have a record player, but have a ceiling fan? Well, again, if it’s stupid and it works it isn’t stupid. Check out the following video, with some potentially NSFW language:

Alternatively, you could, you know, just go out and walk around. You’ll catch more Pokemon and potentially even meet some cool people in the process. But, there is something pretty hilarious about tying your iPhone to a ceiling fan to cheat the game.

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