The Huge ‘Fallout Shelter’ 1.6 Update Drops This Week, Brings New Combat System and More

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We don’t hear much about Fallout Shelter (Free) anymore, but that doesn’t mean the game isn’t a popular time-waster among those who enjoy the Fallout franchise and even those who just like fun management games. As announced during E3, Bethesda is preparing to launch a huge update that should give players plenty to do once more. Update 1.6 will bring a new combat system to the game, the ability to send your Vault Dwellers on quests, explore new locations – such as Red Rocket and Super Duper Mart – fight new enemies, meet new characters, and more. Check out the trailer for the update below (go to 2:10).

The 1.6 update release also marks Fallout Shelter‘s PC version. It’s always interesting to see games made specifically for mobile make the jump to PC. I wonder how the game’s going to do there and whether the timers and all the other F2P shenanigans will make the trip over as well. And I wonder whether the “stigma" of Fallout Shelter being a mobile game will hurt its PC version. The update releases in 3 days, so get ready for more Fallout Shelter.

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