Square Enix has Just Released a New ‘HITMAN Companion’ App for its PC/Console Game

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If you’ve been enjoying assassinating people in the latest HITMAN game by Square Enix, you can now get your mobile phone to be an accessory to murder – if you get caught. HITMAN has recently come out on PC and consoles, and unlike previous iterations of the franchise, this one is an episodic one. Today, Enix released HITMAN Companion (Free), a new app that helps players keep up-to-date with the latest news and helps keep track of what’s been added to the game, an especially useful feature considering the game’s episodic nature. The app will send you notifications when Elusive Targets are released, an essential feature because you wouldn’t want to delay your murdering for even one minute more than you have to.

What is a more interesting feature, though, is the ability to use the app while playing to always have the image of the target to look at, an especially important feature since when you’re playing an Elusive Target Contract, the game won’t let you use the in-game map to identify the target. You’ll also be able to view the image, countdown, and briefing video for the duration of the contract, all helpful features to help you get the job done faster. I’m glad the developers found a way to make the app feel like an actual part of the game and make it matter in terms of gameplay rather than just have it be simply a way to get mobile users interested in the game. The app is out for both iOS and Android.

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