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‘Knights Fight: Medieval Arena’ Is Bringing PvP and PvE Knight Duels to Mobile Soon

There aren’t that many fighting games on iOS, and even those that do exist – like Injustice: Gods Among Us – aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. While it’s hard to judge from just one trailer, Shori Games’ upcoming Knights Fight: Medieval Arena seems to be a promising fighting game that, hopefully, fills in that gaping hole in the platform. The game boasts “real medieval combat" and will let you fight against your friends in real time as well as join PvP tournaments where you can fight against players all over the word. The game also offers PvE challenges, always a fun addition.

You’ll be able to choose your armor and weapons, and then apply various combat tactics to defeat friends and foes. Judging from various screenshots, the game will have four buttons for attacking, which bodes well for combos and combat variety. And if nothing else, the game looks good; hopefully, it plays well, too. The developers have stated in our forums today that the game will release soon, so get ready to slaughter everyone medieval style (I wonder if smashing heads like watermelons will also be included).