‘Clash Royale’ 1.4 Update is Out, Brings Tournaments, New Cards, and a New Arena

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After teasing for a few days, Supercell has released Clash Royale‘s (Free) 1.4 update that brings plenty of new things to the game. The first big feature is Tournaments. Once you’ve unlocked the Tournaments mode, you can create a local tournament based on your location. The Tournaments will offer “HUGE rewards" (Supercell’s words, not mine), so that should be a strong incentive to try and organize or participate in one. In typical Clash Royale fashion, you won’t be able to enter another tournament while you’re unlocking your Tournament reward chest. Any new way of playing the game is fine with me since it should keep it fresher.

The update is also bringing 4 new cards, one Common, Ice Spirit, one Epic, Bowler, and two Legendaries, Lumberjack and The Log. The new cards look fun and should offer new ways to play and trigger the process of trying to figure out new counters for them. We are also getting a new Arena, Frozen Peak, that unlocks at 2300 Trophies, achievements, and changes in TV Royale. Finally, we are getting a balance run with plenty of changes to cards like Skeleton Army, Goblin Barrel, Giant Skeleton, and more. You can check the patchnotes in detail here.

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