The Ice Spirit and the Bowler are the New ‘Clash Royale’ Units Revealed in Sneak Peek #2

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If you’ve been wishing for new Clash Royale (Free) units, you’re in luck as Supercell’s just revealed the Ice Spirit and the Bowler in Sneak Peek 2 for the upcoming update. New units are essential to keeping a game exciting, so I’m glad to see new ones coming our way. The Bowler is a 6-cost Epic card that unlocks at the new Arena 8, and the unit acts similarly to the Clash of Clans Bowler unit. In other words, he hauls boulders that bounce twice off their target, landing behind for a double strike. The first boulder also does pushback damage. As expected, the unit is slow and can take plenty of damage.

The Ice Spirit is a 1-cost common that also unlocks at the new Arena 8, and it spawns one “lively little Ice Spirit" that freezes a group of enemies. The unit can target both air and ground. As you upgrade it, its hit points go up but the freeze duration remains the same at 2 seconds, which is an interesting decision by Supercell. Personally, I’m not a big fan of spells in Clash Royale, but I’m fine with units that have spell-like effects like the Ice Spirit. We’ll see, of course, how the units play.

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