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Turn-Based Strategy Game ‘Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathan’ Releases Next Thursday

For all you Warhammer and strategy game fans out there, the wait is over. Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathan, the turn-based strategy game based on the Battlefleet Gothic tabletop miniatures game, releases next Thursday, and personally I can’t wait to play it. The game tries to be as faithful a digital port of the tabletop game as possible and hopes to bring to your phone and tablet the joy of blowing up your opponent again and again. The game takes place during the Shield of Baal campaign and has you playing as Imperial Navy, Blood Angels Space Marines, and Tyranid Hive fleets, with more playable races coming to the game soon.

Since this is a Warhammer game, it will come with the ability to customize and upgrade your ships by earning new skills, ships, and weapons. And the game will also offer local and online multiplayer, an essential feature for a game like this one. When the game comes out, you should check our forum thread to find opponents to crush. In what will be good news for most – at least according to your comments – the game will be a premium title that will cost $5.99. See you all on battlefield next Thursday.