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‘Monster Hunter Explore’ Shutting Down, Will Not Release Worldwide

If you’re interested in Capcom’s upcoming Monster Hunter Explore, then bad news: the game is being shut down in soft launch. On June 23rd, Capcom posted a notice saying that the game was going to cease IAP purchases on June 30th, with the game being shut down in late July. Our forum readers caught this on the 23rd, but interestingly, I played the game on our Mobcrush channel on the 25th, and no notice was given until I launched the game today and saw the shutdown notice.

Monster Hunter Explore Shutdown

I did remark on the stream that I had no clue who the game was actually for – the Monster Hunter games are deep and complex, and Explore seemed to simplify a lot of that down to an extreme degree in the name of simplicity, which kind of left it in this limbo of being a game for nobody in particular. So it’s not surprising this would get shut down. But without Monster Hunter Explore in the way, perhaps it is time for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite to get the iOS 9 (and 10 at this point) fix that’s long, long overdue?