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‘Combo Quest 2’ Features More Heroes and Combo Meter Action This Week

Tapinator has published a couple of really cool games from Boarding Party Games in Combo Quest (Free) and Dice Mage (Free), each showing some cool pixel art with interesting game ideas. Now, the publisher-developer combo is set to return to their first game with Combo Quest 2, and the first trailer is looking combo-ier and quest-ier. Sadly, they didn’t call it 2 Combo 2 Quest like I want all appropriate sequels to be called, in the vein of 2 Fast 2 Furious.

The core gameplay seems the same – you have to hit the combo indicators as your bar crosses them, with green ones having special effects, and red bars out to hurt you. The character customizations appear to be dramatically expanded, with 20 different heroes to play as, with all sorts of rad new weapons and armors that you can get, including some helpful new familiars. I’m a fan of the first Combo Quest, and I am all in favor of checking out a new game in the series. Combo Quest 2 will hit the App Store on June 30th as a free download.