‘Power Hover’ Update Out Now on the App Store with New Levels and Characters

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When we looked at Power Hover ($3.99) back in December of last year in our review, we were generally impressed by the fun arcade style hover-board action and beautiful cel-shaded visuals, even if there wasn’t that much derivation from the enjoyable core gameplay at its heart. However, the developer Oddrok has been extremely busy both answering fan questions on our forums as well as updating Power Hover with lots of substantial content updates that have made it a mainstay on many a gamer’s iDevice. Today that pattern continues, as a brand new summer update has released for the game adding numerous new modes and characters.

In the update, Oddrok have added 3 extra challenge mode levels with more new mechanics to shake up the typical gameplay, and also 4 extra characters who all have different and varied abilities for the challenge modes, in a similar vein to the update that hit back in April. Some other smaller additions such as new themes, achievements, leaderboards and iCloud progress saving are also welcome, as is support for Japanese and Portuguese language localisation. It’s great to see such enthusiastic support with free updates from developers, especially when they go a fair way to improving and rectifying issues we may have had with the original release. If you haven’t picked up Power Hover this is certainly a great time to do so, and make sure to leave your views on this new update on our forums.

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