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Cyberpunk Roguelike Twin-Stick Shooter ‘Neon Chrome’ by 10tons Needs Beta Testers

10tons is a rather accomplished publisher and developer on iOS, in part because they’re committed to being as multiplatform as is literally possible. Pretty much every single one of their games releases on desktop, console, and mobile. Their latest game, a roguelike twin-stick shooter called Neon Chrome is no exception. Or, it’s about to be. See, the game has already released on console and desktop, but the mobile version is in the works right now. And 10tons needs your help to beta test the game. Check out the thread for the game in the upcoming games forum and sign up here.

With fast-paced action from the same team that brought you the ahead-of-its-time Crimsonland (Free), replete with cyberpunk action and the most frightening robot overlord voice this side of Sinistar, there’s plenty of reasons to get excited about this one. The beta should start in August, and I hope it’s not long before we see this one on mobile.