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E3 2016: Grumpyface’s ‘Teeny Titans’ Is Looking Rad as Hell

If you’re reading TouchArcade and haven’t played at least one of the games from Grumpyface Studios, we should probably send some scientists to study you because that’s just crazy. They consistently make games that are not only fun to play, but the animations are amazing. My personal favorite of theirs is Bring Me Sandwiches (Free), but you can’t go wrong with any of their stuff. At E3 today we got a look at their upcoming game, which is coming out next week. It’s called Teeny Titans and as mentioned when it was first announced, “Teeny Titans is a collectible character battle game where you hunt for, train, and battle various DC Comics’ heroes and villains. The game will also include original voicework from the full Teen Titans Go! cast."

Check out the game in motion:

I particularly like their in-game store mechanic, as like all Grumpyface stuff, the attention to weird little details is just off the chart. If you’ve got room in your heart for another great looking Pokemon-like, definitely keep your eyes peeled for Teeny Titans hitting the App Store next week.