‘This War of Mine’ and Potentially Other 11 Bit Studios Titles on Sale

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11 Bit Studios have earned a very deserved reputation as one of the best developers on the App Store. Ever since the launch of Anomaly: Warzone Earth ($1.99) back in 2012 which completely reversed the tired Tower Defence genre on its head with beautiful graphics to boot – and even won an Apple Design Award for their efforts – 11 Bit Studios have strived in releasing games that are ever increasing in quality. If for whatever reason you haven’t had the chance to play one of their games or are missing a title from their library, this may be the perfect time to amend that as the developers are having a sale on their applications until June 20th. Unfortunately, as of today only their most recent premium effort This War of Mine ($13.99) is on sale for $2.99, however the fact that all of their games are on sale on Android and their Twitter suggests that this is also applicable for iOS, there is a chance that other apps such as Anomaly 2 ($4.99) and Anomaly Defenders ($4.99) may also drop in price soon.

At the very least, this new sale price for This War of Mine is the lowest it has ever dropped to, and so is certainly worth picking up if the initial price of $14.99 was too daunting for some. In our review last year, we waxed lyrical on the strengths of the title, praising both the action-adventure aspects of the gaming as well as the emotive qualities it possessed, being more than a simple survival slog but instead having significant cause for self-reflection with its dark and provocative theme of trying to live in a war-torn land as an average civilian. Everyone on our forum adored it, and regardless if this is your first time playing this App Store gem or not, let us know what you think of This War of Mine and make sure not to miss such a brilliant deal.

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