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‘The Elder Scrolls Legends’ Officially Releasing on Phones and Android, Game Coming Soon

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If you’re curious about The Elder Scrolls Legends, Bethesda’s free-to-play card game, but have been fretting about it not releasing for phones, only for tablet, good news: Bethesda confirmed at their 2016 E3 conference that the game will be releasing on phones and Android as well. This shouldn’t be a surprise, necessarily – it’s similar to how Hearthstone (Free) rolled out, of course. While the game might be a better experience on tablets and desktop, people will want to play it anywhere, and having a phone version will be crucial. Though, if you assumed that a phone version was happening already, I guess the surprise is that it wasn’t announced?

There is the beta to sign up for, along with the promise from Bethesda that the game would be coming very soon. So, this might be something to get excited for very soon. That was about it for the mobile-related announcements, though there wasn’t a whole lot from Bethesda beyond some DLC announcements and Dishonored 2 getting a big showcase, so maybe 2017’s showcase will see some big new mobile announcements.

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