‘Fallout Shelter’ Getting Updates and Desktop Version in 2016

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An update to Fallout Shelter (Free) is set to release in July 2016. The game will be getting a bunch of new content that should help expand the experience. Dwellers can be sent on quests now, and there will be new locations such as a Super Duper Mart to explore. New enemies will be there to fight, but to help with that, you’ll have a new combat system to help you take on those enemies. Check out the footage starting at 2:10 below:

The Fallout simulation game will be expanding to PC as well in July, appropriately enough around with the update to Fallout 4 letting you build your own Vault, with Bethesda showing off a similar view in that update similar to Fallout Shelter. Interesting. Bethesda said curiously enough that this was the most-played Bethesda game in history, and with so many Fallout fans out there, there’s sure to be more playing the game after this latest update. And considering this was a major release from Bethesda’s E3 show last year, it’s only appropriate that future content was revealed here.

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