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Telltale Reveals ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Three Trailer

Telltale Games is doing another season of its breakout hit series, The Walking Dead, and they have revealed the new trailer for the third season of the game at E3. Clementine returns as a star of the new series, but a new character named Javier will play a major role as well. Telltale is saying that while Clementine returns from the first two seasons, the story is planned to be more of a standalone story from the first two. But, Telltale is planning on having decisions from the first two seasons play a role in the third season, still. Check out the teaser:

Telltale has some more details on their blog discussing a bit about Clementine and Javier, and what they’re doing with the third season of The Walking Dead, which is set to premiere its first episode this fall.