The TouchArcade Show – 261 – The Pre-E3 (And WWDC) Extravaganza

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It’s the Friday before E3, it’s like a million degrees out in the Chicago area here, and I’m sure things will be even hotter when Jared, Eric and I are wandering around SoCal next week. I’m thinking this should be a pretty big E3 for us, as the “big players" who have dropped out of the event this year are just opening up floor space for more little guys, which typically means mobile stuff. Either way, we kick the show off with some E3 chat, WWDC predictions, and other random stuff before devoting the rest of the show to talking about a ton of the great games that came out this week. Those games, in order, are Fury Roads Survivor (Free), Hurdle Turtle Forever (Free), Rule with an Iron Fish ($3.99), Block Havoc ($2.99), Epic Flail ($1.99), Let’s Go Run Around (Free), 6180 the Moon ($1.99), and last, but by no means least, Heroes of Loot 2 ($3.99).

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