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‘Dunkers’ is the ‘Wrassling’ Take on Basketball

Colin Lane, the twisted visionary behind Wrassling (Free) and a bunch of other fun fast-action games, is hard at work on a new game, Dunkers. Basically, think Wrassling meets Soccer Physics (Free) on the basketball court. You and an opponent will flail your arms about, trying to get the ball and go boomshakalaka on the hoop. You can steal the ball from your opponents’s arms, and you have to time your slams so that you don’t mess up. The ball starts out free at the tipoff, but don’t worry – it won’t go in chaotically on its own. Ya gotta throw it down, big man. And enjoy the slow-mo as you triumphantly slam the ball down into the rim.

For maximum effect, one should play “Space Jam" by Quad City DJs while playing, or at least the endless remixes. The game’s still in the works and Lane is figuring out the controls, but even the early version is some good chaotic fun. Plus, there’s set to be various character cameos including a certain Slamdovian.