‘Miitomo’ is Running a ‘The Legend of Zelda’ Promotion for E3

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Are you still playing Miitomo (Free), or are you one of the many who’ve left their little Mii character neglected, locked up in his or her own home, wearing the same clothes for the last few months? Well, Nintendo is hoping that no matter how close you’ve been with your Mii recently, you’ll be diving back into the game to enjoy some Zelda-themed items as part of a The Legend of Zelda E3 2016 promotion. The promotion comes in 4 parts and is mostly based on Twitter users retweeting Nintendo’s tweet about the promo. If it gets more than 10,000 retweets until June 13th, your Mii can claim Link’s new hair wig; more than 20,000, and you get Link’s new hair wig and green Link wig.

Part 2 starts June 14th at 3:00 pm PT and ends July 14th, and during that time you’ll be able to play The Legend of Zelda-themed states in Miitomo Drop. Part 3 will run during the same period and will offer a special item in the Miitomo shop, and Part 4 will allow players to redeem My Nintendo Platinum Points for an item based on the new The Legend of Zelda game for their Mii.

As we wrote a few weeks ago, Miitomo‘s popularity appears to have waned, and I don’t think that promos like this Zelda one will manage to get players back into the game. Sure, most will hop in, get that wig and store item, and probably promptly stop playing again. I don’t know what Nintendo can do to make Miitomo more popular, but I suspect it will have to be related to the upcoming Nintendo games. But for now, you get a Zelda wig, and you get a Zelda wig, and you get a Zelda wig…

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