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Ride a Flying Eagle in ‘Rodeo Stampede’ from the ‘Skiiing Yeti Mountain’ Developer

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The folks at Featherweight Games, who made the fun Skiing Yeti Mountain (Free) that released in 2015, have teamed up with publisher Yodo1 Games and Dan Graf, who’s worked on both Mad Max: Fury Road and Fruit Ninja ($1.99), to release Rodeo Stampede on June 23rd. This endless runner has you riding an animal in the middle of a stampede, hopping from mount to mount , trying to tame animals along the way, and sending them to the Sky Zoo. That’s not a euphemism; you actually send the animals to our zoo in the sky, where by upgrading the animal enclosures, you can help earn more coins to make your Sky Zoo bigger and better.

This game looks like a fun take on a heavily-populated genre, with the jumping from animal to animal looking like it would be some fun to play with. The worldwide release on iOS and Android happens on June 23rd, but a few countries already have access to the game on Google Play. For more on this one, check out our coverage from GDC.

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