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‘Super Stickman Golf 3’ Announces a July Release Window With a Trailer Thanking Players

One of the games we highlighted during our GDC coverage was Super Stickman Golf 3, the third game in the very successful mobile franchise. At the time of our preview, the developers didn’t have a release window in mind yet, but today they announced that the game will be releasing next month, which is great news for all the game’s fans. Speaking of the fans, the release announcement comes with a trailer containing audio clips of players expressing their love for the game. This is one of those cases where you know the clips are real since the Super Stickman Golf franchise is definitely much loved by many iOS players.

While the trailer doesn’t show any gameplay (that will be coming soon according to the developers), we already now from our GDC hands-on that the game has added a new card system for power-ups and the ability to put spin on the ball. I’m guessing these are just some of the new features SSG3 will include, but we’ll have to wait until the next trailer to see more.