‘Looty Dungeon’ Version 2.0 Update Adds Character Leveling System, New Heroes, and More

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Even though the Verby Noun game phenomenon is wearing a bit thin at this point, I’ve really been enjoying Taco Illuminati’s Looty Dungeon (Free), which we even chose as our Game of the Week when it released back in April. It utilized the core mechanics of any good Crossy Road-alike by having you move square by square and see how far you can go, but it blended its dungeon crawling elements in beautifully making it more than just a cool theme. The best part about Looty Dungeon was that its extensive cast of characters each had unique abilities which changed how you played through the game. Today a huge update has hit which takes all of that to the next level. Heroes can now earn experience and level up which will unlock even more new abilities and outfits. Plus if you happen to unlock a duplicate character through the gacha prize machine it will go towards leveling up that character, which is neat. On top of all this there’s 5 more brand new characters added to the game.

The new heroes in this update are the Princess, who charms enemies into attacking for you; the Dungeon Master who reveals enemy health and doubles XP earned across all characters; the Bard who makes enemies fall asleep when you enter a room; the Trebuchet which can launch a ranged attack 3 squares away; and the Bucket Man whose special abilities are a secret. Scoring has also been tweaked and your score now will reflect the accomplishments during a run and there’s a new leaderboard which shows your Looty Score, which is the total high score from all characters combined. I have to admit that there have been some really interesting takes on the Crossy Road formula recently and Looty Dungeon is definitely among them, so if you haven’t checked it out yet now is the time to do so and you can find discussion about the game in our forums.

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