Players Have Created 70,000+ Levels in the ‘Badland’ Level Editor, the Best 40 Featured In-Game

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Badland 2 ($0.99) may have released back in December and been quite an improvement over the already phenomenal Badland ($0.99), but that doesn’t mean that the first game doesn’t still have some gas left in the tank. We used to joke about Badland being the best value for money on the entire App Store due to it getting dozens of awesome content updates literally years after its release, and with the arrival of a built-in level editor in September of last year, it gave Badland pretty much endless replay possibilities. Now, about 9 months after the release of the level editor, developer Frogmind has announced that Badland players have created a staggering 70,000+ levels for the game, and along with a new bug fix update today they’ve featured what they consider the 40 best of those user-created levels in the Eternal Day chapter in the game.

Every week since the level editor came out, Frogmind would choose one of the roughly 2000 levels made that week and work with the creators of the level to polish or modify the level as needed, add some missions, and plug it into the Eternal Day chapter for all to play. Well, 40 weeks later and now Eternal Day is a meaty offering for those who are looking for some fresh Badland, and as you might expect, players have used the capabilities of the editor in unique and interesting ways that even Frogmind didn’t expect resulting in some truly outside the box levels. Despite the existence of Badland 2 and its continuing updates, the original Badland is still one of the best buys around if you haven’t picked it up already. In fact, you might as well own both! So check out the 40 user-created levels in Badland and if you’re feeling creative dive into the built-in level editor and make and submit some of your own.


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