‘Sausage Legend’ is the Sausage Battling Game that We Deserve

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Well, it’s mid-week and there are a ton of new games hitting the App Store as usual, but as far as I can tell there’s only one sausage-themed fighting game releasing this week: Sausage Legend (Free). In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s the only sausage-themed fighting game to ever be released on any platform. We are long overdue. Since I’m a massive fighting game fan, and a massive fan of eating sausages, this should be a shoe-in, right? I guess that all depends on what you’re looking for from your sausage-themed fighting games. Are you looking for an incredibly deep, tactical experience that rewards fast reactions and pinpoint timing? Or are you looking for a one-touch control scheme that lets you flop sausages of all sizes and flavors against each other until one of them explodes, with disturbingly lifelike sausage-flopping physics? Sausage Legend doesn’t offer any of the former, but is absolutely loaded to the brim with the latter.

There’s something to be said about the lack of entry barrier to publishing games to mobile app stores. Yes, it has allowed a flood of hastily thrown together re-skins and more slot machine games than anybody could ever reasonably want, causing gamers like us to have to wade through a neck-deep pile of crap in order to find the awesome games. But that openness also allows games like Sausage Legend to be released, and to me, that makes all the crap-wading worth it. Maybe? Anyway, if you’re looking for something super silly and free to goof around with, and if you enjoy collecting a surprisingly extensive variety of exotic sausages, Sausage Legend should fit the bill, and don’t forget to leave your sausage-flopping tips and strategies in the game’s forum thread.

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