‘Minecraft Story Mode’ Episode 6 ‘A Portal to Mystery’ Launches Next Week with YouTuber Cameos

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If you thought Minecraft: Story Mode (Free) was complete, you’re completely wrong. Telltale is launching a new standalone episode, ‘A Portal to Mystery’ on June 7th for all platforms. Jesse and the gang travel through a new portal, finding themselves in a world overrun by zombies, with a spooky mansion to explore. And that mansion is full of the spookiest creatures of them all: YouTubers! Stampy Cat, Stacy Plays, DanTDM, LDShadowLady, and CaptainSparklez will all show up in the new episode. Two more standalone adventures are also planned in the near future.

If you’ve bought the season pass for Minecraft Story Mode, then be aware that this doesn’t include this episode or the other two standalone episodes. A $14.99 pass for the 3 new episodes is available, though. It makes sense that more episodes are in the works: Minecraft does print money, after all, and I imagine Telltale likes money. As does Mojang parent company Microsoft, I imagine. So don’t be surprised if there’s more episodes after this.

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