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‘Steppy Pants’ is the Latest Verby Noun, from the Artist and Programmer of ‘Fruit Ninja’

Australia has been responsible for two of the big crazes in mobile gaming: Fruit Ninja ($1.99) and Crossy Road (Free) both came from the home of kangaroos. Now, one game is combining the two in an oblique way. The artist and programmer of Fruit Ninja are making a game with voxel art and and a Verby Noun name, with Steppy Pants. It’s looking a bit different from those games and maybe a bit QWOP-like ($0.99) as you try to get a silly-walking person to walk down the sidewalk. Looks goofy and fun:

Much like the Bee Gees, you can tell by the way your hero uses their walk that they’ve got no time to talk. I mean, when you have to focus on not stepping on cracks in the sidewalk, conversation is sub-optimal. But unlike the Bee Gees, you don’t just have to be a woman’s man – there’s all sorts of customizations, with custom heads, shirts, and pants! Custom pants! What a time to be alive! You can wear the pants and enjoy some silly walks for yourself starting on June 1st.