‘Miitomo’ Analysis Shows Diminishing Downloads, High Churn, and Low Daily Usage

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SurveyMonkey Intelligence has taken a look at the performance of Miitomo (Free) in its first month, and things are, well, not great, Bob. The app got tons of downloads initially – it was Nintendo’s first big mobile app after all – but it looks like downloads have fallen by a lot. Now, all apps start to see diminishing downloads, even the big grossing apps. But the problem is that SurveyMonkey Intelligence also sees a massive churn rate compared to say Clash Royale (Free), and a lesser number of average days used per week. These aren’t great signs for an app in comparison to popular games, nor one that is also a social network.

This all makes sense: Miitomo is certainly amusing, but it has a long way to go in order to be something that people would want to use regularly. Its purpose can be confusing, the battery drain is an issue, and the interface is slow in comparison to other social networks. Nintendo may need to address these issues in their design and future games in order to succeed on mobile.


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