Soccer Meets Gamebook with ‘New Star Soccer G-Story’, Out Now on the App Store

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The cult classic New Star Soccer (Free) has amassed many fans since its initial launch in 2012 – and even won a BAFTA to show for it – although the lack of any substantial updates for over a year has led to many wondering what the future held for this excellent arcade soccer simulator. These questions were answered when this morning out of nowhere New Star Games, in association with French book publisher Hachette, released a spinoff in the series called New Star Soccer G-Story ($0.99), which merges the gameplay of its predecessor with an interactive Choose Your Own Adventure style ebook. The developers released a reveal trailer showing the slick new engine and an array of options you can take to influence your player’s career over the duration of the game:

New Star Soccer G-Story is reported to have 18 chapters in total and numerous endings which will provide great replay value for anyone wanting to relive a famous cup win or underdog World Cup victory. However, the emphasis on the book aspect, a focus on a younger audience of readers and the game only having 240 gameplay elements in total means anyone wanting to delve into the nitty-gritty of soccer management may be better off sticking to the original or a more in depth alternative such as Football Manager Mobile 2016 ($8.99). Despite this, those looking for even more soccer games, fans of the original or anyone wanting to fill the void until Euro 2016 should consider booting New Star Soccer G-Story up, or joining in with the discussion on our forums.

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