‘Splash Cars’ Gets Awesome New Online Multiplayer Mode in Latest Update

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One of my surprise favorites of 2016 has been Craneballs’ Splash Cars (Free), which takes the simple isometric driving of another favorite of mine, Pako ($1.99), and adds in a Splatoon-like paint-the-world mechanic. The results are fantastic, and the entire concept gets taken to a whole new level with today’s new update which adds in a 2v2 online multiplayer mode to Splash Cars. You’ll get partnered up with another player and take on a team of two opponents on a map where only half of it is colored in. Your team’s job is to color in the blank half while your opponents are wiping the color clean. It turns into a frantic battle of claiming, losing, and reclaiming territories until the timer runs out.

You may remember in our original review of Splash Cars that we loved the game itself but were pretty turned off by its free to play system that included energy-limited play in the form of batteries. Thankfully, Craneballs listened to the feedback and a few weeks after the game’s launch the released an update with a one-time IAP to get rid of the energy system. That coupled with this new multiplayer mode, which is wicked fun I might add, makes Splash Cars one game you absolutely have to check out if you haven’t done so previously, and when you do be sure to add your thoughts to the game’s forum thread.

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