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‘Flick Golf’ Developer Full Fat is Going Full Fantasy with ‘Golf Island’, Coming this Thursday

Developer Full Fat has been on the scene with made-for-touch sports games for many years now with the likes of the Flick Golf, Flick Soccer, Flick Rugby, and Flick Quarterback series. The whole “flick" thing always made so much sense on a touchscreen, especially in Flick Golf (Free) where you’re mimicking the motion of swinging a club and then directly affecting things like spin and trajectory by swiping on the ball itself. It wasn’t exactly realistic mind you, but it sure made for some fun golf. Because of that, there was always a sense of fantasy in the Flick Golf series, something they pushed the boundaries of with Flick Golf Extreme (Free). But that was nothing compared to their latest game, the over-the-top fantasy-themed Golf Island.

I’m not sure why golf lends itself so darn well to fantastical locations and gameplay, but there have been a ton of really cool non-simulation golf games on gaming systems for decades, and I absolutely love them. Golf Island looks like it will fall right in line with “loveable caddies, a tropical toucan, a snowboarding polar bear cub and a friendly space squid in the craziest golf game ever made." Interestingly, Golf Island began development way back in 2011 and was nearing completion in 2013 until Full Fat struck a deal with EA to create the PGA-licensed King of the Course Golf (Free). Poor Golf Island got put on the back burner until late last year when Full Fat dusted it off and finished it up. If you’re into golf, fantasy, and any of Full Fat’s Flick games, be sure to check out Golf Island when it lands this Thursday.