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‘Dude Ball’ is Doing the ‘Crossy Road’ Thing to Pinball

Take a tried-and-true gameplay concept, make it randomized and endless, and add an extensive cast of colorful characters to unlock and play as. This is known as Crossy Road-ifying, and it’s all the rage in mobile nowadays. But what about the most classic arcade game of them all, pinball machines? That’s what developer Wonder Maru is hoping to accomplish with their upcoming, amazingly-titled game Dude Ball. Randomly generated, endless pinball with tons of characters to unlock.

It’s a pretty great idea, and Dude Ball is certainly a cute looking game with its many little pinball characters, 62 of them in fact plus an additional 30 already planned for an update. Plus it’s called Dude Ball. Dude Ball. I love that name. No word on a release date other than “coming very soon" so get ready to get your dude on in Dude Ball in the near future.